I have a classic demo project using Vue/cli for the frontend.

Runnin npm run serve works well, any changes to the components are indeed hot reloaded.

Now, what if I also want the code from mylib.js to be reloaded when changed.

Let's say mylib.js is the following code.

const XXX = window.XXX || { 
  foo: () => { alert("BAR TEST 1")},

window.XXX = XXX;

I call XXX.foo() it shows BAR TEST 1, then if I edit BAR TEST 1 to BAR TEST 2 I see that the change is picked up by npm run serve but XXX.foo() is not reloaded.

Digging a bit in webpack I saw some mentions about some hot() API. Do I need to write mylib.js differently? (modules).


const BundleTracker = require("webpack-bundle-tracker");

module.exports = {
    publicPath: "",
    outputDir: './dist/',
    pages: {
      main: {
        entry: 'src/main.js',
      mylib: {
        entry: 'src/mylib.js',
    chainWebpack: config => {


            .use(BundleTracker, [{filename: '../frontend/webpack-stats.json'}])

            .set('__STATIC__', 'static')

            .watchOptions({poll: 1000})
            .headers({"Access-Control-Allow-Origin": ["\*"]})

It was as simple as having:

if (module.hot) {
    // call your js update code here

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