I have implemented a Partitioning Step with 4 Slave steps.

In each slave step's write method I am incrementing a counter and saving it in DB. The function which increments and updates the counter in DB is synchronized so that only 1 Slave increments and update the counter in DB.

But this in not happening out of 4 slaves any 1 slave in random receives old value of the counter from DB and all other receives correct value.

And because of uniqueness of the counter I am receiving SQLDataIntegrity Exception.

I am not able to understand why this is occurring when Only 1 slave fetches existing counter value from db, increments it and update it in db ?

Is there any configuration issue ?

I am assuming that the thread switching is so fast that before the DB gets updated the next thread reads it! But it should not be the case since everything is working under same Master step's transaction.

The backend database is PostgreSQL 10, Spring Boot version is 2.1.2.RELEASE

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