I need to return a number in the format of .66 (from an entered value which includes the leading zero, e.g. 0.66)

It must be returned as an integer with the decimal point as the first character.

what method in JavaScript can help me do this?

What have I tried?

I've tried converting it toString() and back to parseInt() but including the decimal point makes it return NaN.

I've tried adding various radix (10, 16) to my parseInt() - also unsuccessful

Sample Code

const value = 0.66;

if(value < 1) {
    let str = value.toString().replace(/^0+/, '');
    // correctly gets '.66'
    return parseInt(str)

//result NaN


I expect an output of the value with the leading 0 removed e.g. 0.45 --> .45 or 0.879 --> .879

Current Observations

Output is NaN

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    A true integer will always be represented by a leading zero in decimal values. No matter how hard you try, you can only present your expectation as a string. – Cue Jul 29 at 1:35
  • you should cut 0 in view layer from a string. the value will remain .66 or 0.66 or 00000.66, all the same! – DragonKnight Jul 29 at 1:45

Issue #1: 0.66 is not an Integer. An Integer is a whole number, this is a floating-point number.

Issue #2: You cannot have a number in JavaScript that starts with a decimal point. Even if you change your parseInt to be parseFloat, it will still return 0.66 as a result.

What you're asking just isn't possible, if you want a number to start with a decimal point then it has to be a string.


I tried a quick solution, you may try to do this:

let a = 0.45;
// split on decimal, at index 1 you will find the number after decimal
let b = a.toString().split('.')[1];

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