I don't want to rely on remembering to update the version number in capsule.bxb manually each time I update the app.

In python, I normally do this:

    def get_latest_git_tag(path):
        repo = git.Repo(path)
        tags = sorted(repo.tags, key=lambda t: t.commit.committed_datetime)
        latest_git_tag = tags[-1]
        return latest_git_tag

I want capsule.bxb to read a dynamic version variable from git.

In bash,

    git describe --abbrev=0 | cut -c 2-8

I see that there is a ShellJS that would let me run this command, but I don't think it could execute in capsule.bxb, could it?

I want to be able to do something like

    capsule {
      id (altbrains.quotations)
      version (<getsversion>)

Currently this functionality is not available. However, I would recommend that you file a feature request here to allow your fellow developers to upvote this functionality and to provide the product team with valuable insight.

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