I have two package.json files. One at the root of my project and another one in the app directoty(where the vue files are) I'm confused about which one I should use for installing axios. I would also like to know what purpose do each of these serve, which packages should be installed to which one?


You should add at the package.json at the root level. The package.json at the root is used to define the dependencies of the template, to persist some project specific information e.g. version, scripts, hooks etc.

The package.json in the app folder serves several other purposes:

Most important - this package.json(inside app one) defines the entry point of the application (e.g "main": "main.js" or "main": "main.ns.js", ). At runtime this value is read and application is started from this point.

Here is an example of package.json inside app folder.

  "android": {
    "v8Flags": "--expose_gc"
  "main": "main.ns.js",
  "name": "migration-ng",
  "version": "4.1.0"
  • excuse me, how do I ass at the package.json ate? :)) – yukashima huksay Jul 29 at 5:11
  • When you run 'npm install axios --save', it aill automatically add into your package.json – Narendra Jul 29 at 5:13
  • you are not getting it:D – yukashima huksay Jul 29 at 5:21
  • anyway, can you elaborate a little more, so I should install my devDeps to the package.json in the app dir? – yukashima huksay Jul 29 at 5:23
  • 1
    Oh now I get it. cool:) thank you! – yukashima huksay Jul 29 at 5:30

Narendara is right install in package.json and use it like this

import axios from "axios/dist/axios";

axios.get(`domain`).then(response => {});```

package.json file at root lvl just add

"axios": "^0.18.0",

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