To check multiple roles has the method level access

I have used @PreAuthorize annotation to check the role

@PreAuthorize("hasRole(\"" + AuthoritiesConstants.USER + "\",)" )

How to check multiple roles using @PreAuthorize annotaion?


You can create a custom annotation to validate many roles and conditions. P.e.:

@PreAuthorize("hasRole(T(com.bs.dmsbox.api.constants.RoleConstants).ROLE_AGENT) " +
        "|| hasRole(T(com.bs.dmsbox.api.constants.RoleConstants).ROLE_ADMIN)" +
        "|| (hasRole(T(com.bs.dmsbox.api.constants.RoleConstants).ROLE_CUSTOMER) && #userId == principal.username)")
public @interface IsAuthenticatedAsAgentOrCustomerIsUserId {

Then, you can use this annotation as below:

Folder findByUserIdAndType(@Param("userId") String userId, @Param("typeId") FolderType id);

This annotation validate that user logged as role AGENT or ADMIN. If user has role CUSTOMER validate if userId parameter is equals to user logged

  • it worked ad expected – P Rajesh Jul 30 at 6:45

Simply combine roles by using && or || in SpEL expressions

@PreAuthorize("hasRole('" + AuthoritiesConstants.USER + "')" +
              " && hasRole('" + AuthoritiesConstants.ADMIN + "')" )
  • How can we implement CustomPermissionEvaluator in jhipster? – P Rajesh Jul 29 at 9:38
  • That's a broad question. Since JHipster is based on Spring you should refer to Spring Security tutorial for details. Or search here at StackOverflow, it might be already answered – Nikolay Shevchenko Jul 29 at 10:06

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