I'm interested in grabbing the EPG data from DVB-T streams. Does anyone know of any C libraries or an alternative means of getting the data?


tv_grab_dvb can do this. See the subversion repository for sources.

tv_grab_dvb is made to work with the stream grabbed from the DVB-T card using dvbtools on Linux, but it may be portable to other platforms - I think it just works with the raw data from the stream.


...a new answer to an old question:

I wrote a utility called dvbtee that can be used as a c++ library, a cross-platform command line utility, or a node.js module.

(despite it being a c++ library, one could still link to it from c code)

The command line utility will parse your streams and output the EPG, depending on the arguments you specify, it can generate plain text or a JSON block of data.

dvbtee: a digital television streamer / parser / service information aggregator supporting various interfaces including telnet CLI & http control

The node.js module will emit events containing the PSIP table data (along with EPG info)

node-dvbtee: MPEG2 transport stream parser for Node.js with support for television broadcast PSIP tables

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