I know how you can set the initial state of a bloc easily. Is it possible to dispatch an event when a new bloc is created?

class MyBloc extends Bloc<MyEvent, MyState> {
  MyBloc() :
    this.dispatch(MyEvent()), // this line doesn't work

  MyState get initialState => MyStateInitial();

  Stream<MyState> mapEventToState(MyEvent event) async* {
    if (event is MyEvent) {
      ... do some stuff here ...
      yield MyStateAfterMyEvent(someParameters, thatCantBe, setManually);

I know passing parameters to the bloc constructor could work sometimes. In my case parameters are fetched from the internet so I need more dynamic option. What is the way of achieving this?

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You can do it with the cascade operator .. and a ' factory constructor.

factory MyBloc.dispatch(() => MyBloc()..dispatch(MyEvent());

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