I'm creating a Amazon Lex deployment script using Javascript. After creating multiple slots and intents, what is the correct way of creating a new bot, building it and publishing it using the SDK?

I succeed to do so manually through the console, but fail to do so by the Javascript SDK.

After reading the documentation, I created successfully new slot types, new intents and new intent versions. Anyway, I failed to get a new bot alias up and published using the method putBotAlias().

After inspecting the console, and trying to publish the just created bot manually, I got the error:

Resource 'MyBotName' should refer to immutable versions to create new version

After building it manually via the console, I succeeded to publish it also manually.

I expect putBotAlias() to build and publish the bot, but in actuality, an alias is created but the bot is seemed not built and not published.



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