Retrieving all the properties of a particular node in Neo4j is a used to one among many queries. But How can I retrieve the properties of a node excluding a particular property, the labels, and the ID ?

If this below query is executed by java program after successful connection:

MATCH (n: `Group_A`: `Topper`) RETURN n

Now, Then the output it prints in screen is:

{"id":4, "labels":["Group_A", "Topper"], "name":"tom", "shift":"morning", "salary":"5000", "blood_group":"AB", "specialisation":"C#"}

I am expecting all the property of the node (n: Group_A: Topper), excluding the property type and its value, the id and the labels associated with the node. Hence, the desired output in screen will look like:

{"name":"tom", "shift":"morning", "blood_group":"AB", "specialisation":"C#"}

======================================================================== [N.B. - I am working with Neo4j jar file where I am firing query of Neo4j and getting the result using println() method. I have my Neo4j running in the background. All are working fine with the successful connection of Neo4j but I am insearch of the Neo4j query.]



To avoid getting node metadata (in your client results), you should not return a node directly. Instead, you can use the PROPERTIES() function to get just the properties in a map:

MATCH (n: `Group_A`: `Topper`)

But if you also want to avoid returning some of the properties (e.g. "salary") as well, you can use the apoc.map.removeKey() function to remove them. Since that function returns a map instead of a node, it will also not contain any metadata (so you would not need to use the PROPERTIES() function in this case). For example:

MATCH (n: `Group_A`: `Topper`)
RETURN apoc.map.removeKey(n, 'salary') AS props
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  • Thanks for your response. I run the code you gave but I have another condition also to exclude a particular property from getting displayed along with the list of all properties, which is still there in the output that is being displayed. – Dipcoder Jul 29 '19 at 19:55

You could use map projection.

All node properties (no metadata)

MATCH (n: `Group_A`: `Topper`)
RETURN n {.*} 

Specific properties

MATCH (n: `Group_A`: `Topper`)
RETURN n {.prop1, .prop2} 
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