I'm trying to insert a list of ids in a query as such:

    $base_query = $base_query . " 
JOIN {$wpdb->prefix}wpc_client_objects_assigns as o 
    ON o.object_id = f.id 
 WHERE f.cat_id = %d 
   AND o.assign_id IN (%s)";
    $base_query = $wpdb->prepare($base_query, $request['cat'], $customer_ids);

I can log the query:

  FROM kh05R1_wpc_client_files as f 
  JOIN kh05R1_wpc_client_objects_assigns as o 
    ON o.object_id = f.id 
 WHERE o.assign_id IN ('138,41,78');

This query only returns the first id.

How can I fix this query to allow an array of ids (or strings)?

  • you need to remove the quotes around the numbers in the IN operator. – PeterHe Jul 29 '19 at 20:10
  • I'm not setting the quotes tho. That's how the query is output. I'm setting it to a %s tho. – AlxVallejo Jul 29 '19 at 20:12
  • @stickybit you mean the question where the accepted answer introduces SQL injection? :thumbsup – AlxVallejo Jul 29 '19 at 20:17
  • @AlxVallejo: Look at the other answers, especially the one that got the bounty and currently has 292 upvotes. – sticky bit Jul 29 '19 at 20:23
  • LEFT JOIN o... WHERE o... is the same as INNER JOIN o, so either write it that way, if that's what you want, or move the WHERE condition to the ON clause. – Strawberry Jul 29 '19 at 22:25

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