I just noticed that the functionality of Term::ReadLine has changed (for the worse) after upgrading from a gcc4 compiled version of perl to a gcc6 compiled version. With gcc4, the backspace key was interpreted correctly, allowing the user to edit the line he/she was entering. The gcc6 version apparently does not, returning a ^? every time the backspace key is entered.

Here's some simple code I used to test this...


use strict;
use Term::ReadLine;

my $answer;
my $term = Term::ReadLine->new('EDIT_STDIN');
$answer = $term->readline("Enter something here....");

print "answer: $answer\n";


As it is, this script fails to interpret the backspace key correctly as described above. Swap lines 1 and 2 and it works fine.

Sooooo..... any ideas why this is happening? Any suggestions on how to get this to work given that I can't go back to gcc4 ?

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    It has nothing to do with your compiler, and everything to do with your TERM environment variable and OS configuration and readline library. Something almost certainly changed there too. – Shawn Jul 29 at 23:07
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    What's the value of $term->ReadLine under both versions of perl? (Case matters here!) – Shawn Jul 29 at 23:09
  • If the question's claim is accurate, that swapping the shebang lines is all it takes to switch between correct and incorrect behaviors, then that rather strongly implies that the environment (including $TERM) and OS configuration are identical in both cases. Might be linking to a different readline lib, though. – Dave Sherohman Jul 30 at 7:17
  • I think you may have hit something Dave with the val of $term->ReadLine... For the version that works, it's... "Term::ReadLine::Gnu" . For the version that fails, it's...... "Term::ReadLine::Stub" . "Stub" ? What's going on here ? – daveg Jul 30 at 14:01

In this particular case, the problem was that Term::ReadLine::Gnu was missing for Perl 5.24.0-gcc620 . After installed, it runs fine.

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