In my index.ejs file, I have:

<div id="preact"><%- content %></div>

This should be outputting raw HTML. In my webpack.config.js, I have:

new HtmlWebpackPlugin({
  template: path.resolve('./src/templates/index.ejs'),
  filename: path.resolve('./public/index.html'),
  templateParameters: {
    title: SITE_TITLE,
    baseUrl: BASE_URL,
    version: '0',
    content: '<h2>SSR Content</h2>',
    path: '',
  inject: false,

I expect it to output:

<div id="preact"><h2>SSR Content</h2></div>

But it's outputting:

<div id="preact">&lt;h2&gt;SSR Content&lt;/h2&gt;</div>

How can I get HtmlWebpackPlugin to output raw HTML?


This case is very misleading as under the hood htmlWebpackPlugin uses the implementation of lodash ejs templating engine. The thing is that the meaning of <%= and <%- are inverted between lodash's implementation and most of resources found on internet like the ejs implementation used for Ruby.

Thus with htmlWebpackPlugin :

  • <%= Outputs the unescaped value into the template

  • <%- Outputs the escaped value into the template

Sources : https://github.com/lodash/lodash/issues/3689 and https://github.com/jantimon/html-webpack-plugin/issues/751

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