I have Sitecore Rocks 2.1.89 in VS 2017 Enterprise. I would like to remove Sitecore Cache for a specific item in my production DB.

I published an item to live target but my new changes are not showing. I tried "Republish" option but it didn't work - new changes are still not showing. I don't want to clear Sitecore cache for all items as this would create a performance hit for some users. I've read that Sitecore Rocks offers a lot of flexibility when clearing caches.

I tried to follow this article:


but when I right-mouse click on web[Items] (or anything else for that matter) I don't have the "Explore Cache..." option, which is supposed to show you individual items, and then right-mouse clicking on an item should show "Remove", which I'm guessing will remove the Sitecore cache for this item.

Am I supposed to enable that in some options? How can I make it visible?

Thank you in advance.

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