I am using the Azure Iot Hub C SDK with the TI SimpleLink module to connect to an Azure IoT Hub using X.509 authentication. The authentication works for messaging and device twins but fails when I attempt an upload a file to blob storage. If I use symmetric key authentication, the file upload works as expected.

Is file upload with X.509 authentication a supported feature of the Azure IoT SDK for C and the TI SimpleLink implementation?

I know that the C# SDK does not have this problem but there could be differences in an implementation on a PC vs an implementation on a microcontroller. I also saw that there is not support for the Java SDK. https://github.com/Azure/azure-iot-sdk-java/issues/371


I have had the exact same problem. I can do everything, but not upload a file when using x509.

However, If I create a device using sas token and connect using IoTHubClient_LL_CreateFromConnectionString instead of IoTHubDeviceClient_LL_CreateFromDeviceAuth, it works.


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