Im using nuxt and vuetify version 1.5.6 and want to upgrade vuetify version to 2.0.1 . And after upgrade vuetify to version 2.0.1 i got an error like this :

ERROR in ./assets/style/app.styl

Module build failed (from ./node_modules/stylus-loader/index.js)

Error: /var/www/html/nuxt/my-project/assets/style/app.styl:3:10

1| // Import and define Vuetify color theme

2| // https://vuetifyjs.com/en/style/colors

3| @require '~vuetify/src/stylus/settings/_colors'

failed to locate @require file ~vuetify/src/stylus/settings/_colors.styl

anyone knows what is going on and how to fix that

i have tried some solution and still get an error

here is my app.style

@require '~vuetify/src/stylus/settings/_colors'
$theme := {
  primary:     $blue.darken-2
  accent:      $blue.accent-2
  secondary:   $grey.lighten-1
  info:        $blue.lighten-1
  warning:     $amber.darken-2
  error:       $red.accent-4
  success:     $green.lighten-2

// Import Vuetify styling
@require '~vuetify/src/stylus/main'

  @extend .fade-transition
  • The 2.0 release includes moving from Stylus to Sass. Color documentation is here ~ vuetifyjs.com/en/styles/colors – Phil Jul 31 at 4:04
  • @Phil so what should i do now , there is an error when im update the version? – Dwiky Ramadhan Jul 31 at 4:19
  • I suggest you consult the rather lengthy upgrade guide. It doesn't look like you can just drop in version 2 without making some drastic changes to your app. – Phil Jul 31 at 4:25

Veutify 2.x no longer uses stylus, you will either need to manually copy all the stylus files into your project (which can be done from your node_modules) if you still want to use their color schemes. This is will require you to have a stylus loader in webpack. Or you can migrate to SASS and utilize their color schemes and variables, this is a pain but if you are sticking with Vuetify probably a good choice. Of course you could combine these 2 methods and do a gradual migration.

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