what I did is follow the instruction on the official github site

!git clone https://github.com/NVIDIA/apex
!cd apex
!pip install -v --no-cache-dir ./

it gives me the error:

ERROR: Directory './' is not installable. Neither 'setup.py' nor 'pyproject.toml' found.
Exception information:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pip/_internal/cli/base_command.py", line 178, in main
    status = self.run(options, args)
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pip/_internal/commands/install.py", line 326, in run
    self.name, wheel_cache
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pip/_internal/cli/base_command.py", line 268, in populate_requirement_set
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/pip/_internal/req/constructors.py", line 248, in install_req_from_line
    "nor 'pyproject.toml' found." % name
pip._internal.exceptions.InstallationError: Directory './' is not installable. Neither 'setup.py' nor 'pyproject.toml' found.

Worked for me after adding CUDA_HOME enviroment variable:

%%writefile setup.sh

export CUDA_HOME=/usr/local/cuda-10.1
git clone https://github.com/NVIDIA/apex
pip install -v --no-cache-dir --global-option="--cpp_ext" --global-option="--cuda_ext" ./apex
!sh setup.sh
  • How long does it usually take?
    – Nabin
    Feb 16 '20 at 18:14
  • It takes 8 minutes for me
    – Alex Bravo
    May 26 '20 at 3:14
  • 1
    As of 06/21/2021, this won't work on colab. The default version of pytorch is now 1.9+cuda102. The latest(6/21/21) release of apex fails to build for the above options with cuda102. Pytorch needs to be downgraded to use cuda101 before apex build. Jun 20 at 19:53

(wanted to just add a comment but I don't have enough reputation...)

it works for me but the cd is actually not required. Also, I needed the two global options as suggested here: https://github.com/NVIDIA/apex/issues/86

%%writefile setup.sh

git clone https://github.com/NVIDIA/apex
pip install -v --no-cache-dir --global-option="--cpp_ext" --global-option="--cuda_ext" ./apex


!sh setup.sh
  • for some reason the other option worked and this one didn't now, so not sure whether they changed something either in apex, GColab... just try both and see which one works for you :D Jan 20 '20 at 7:54
  • this script downloaded the apex in colab.
    – Vineet
    Apr 29 '20 at 18:17


First, create a file e.g. setup.sh as follows:

For apex with CUDA and C++ extensions:

%%writefile setup.sh

git clone https://github.com/NVIDIA/apex
cd apex
pip install -v --disable-pip-version-check --no-cache-dir --global-option="--cpp_ext" --global-option="--cuda_ext" ./

Then, install it

!sh setup.sh

For Python-only build

%%writefile setup.sh

git clone https://github.com/NVIDIA/apex
cd apex
pip install -v --disable-pip-version-check --no-cache-dir ./

A Python-only build omits certain Fused kernels required to use apex.optimizers.FusedAdam, apex.normalization.FusedLayerNorm, etc.

Check apex quickstart.

  • Worked for me like charm! Thanks
    – neel
    Dec 4 '19 at 10:09
  • How long does it take?
    – Nabin
    Feb 16 '20 at 18:14
  • @Nabin Didn't take much time on colab.
    – kHarshit
    Feb 25 '20 at 15:54
  • I installed on a regular gpu machine and it took a long time like 30 mins at least Jul 26 '20 at 2:49

In colab instead of using "!" use "%' before cd command

!git clone https://github.com/NVIDIA/apex
%cd apex
!pip install -v --no-cache-dir ./

The above code will work just fine.


The problem is with !cd apex. Use %cd apex instead.

Read this: https://stackoverflow.com/a/57212513/8690463


I tried a few options, but I liked the one in this website, which worked very well with fast_bert and torch:

  import apex
except Exception:
  ! git clone https://github.com/NVIDIA/apex.git
  % cd apex
  !pip install --no-cache-dir --global-option="--cpp_ext" --global-option="--cuda_ext" .
  %cd ..

I use paperspace, and this worked for me:

!pip install git+https://github.com/NVIDIA/apex

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