I write default code from documentaion of Electron, but electron returns empty NativeImage object.

  const { clipboard } = require("electron")

What should I do to paste image from clipboard?


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For some reason, it seems that console.log always display a NativeImage empty object, whether there is an image in the clipboard or not.

Try to go a step further and convert the NativeImage object to a data URL string, for instance; also, you should be able to check if the clipboard contains an image beforehand by using the clipboard.availableFormats method.

The following code snippet works for me on macOS:

const { clipboard } = require("electron");

let availableFormats = clipboard.availableFormats("clipboard");
if (availableFormats.includes("image/png") || availableFormats.includes("image/jpeg"))
    console.log("No image in clipboard");

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