I am using React-ckeditor 5 package in my project. I am getting an unserialize html data and I am parsing it into html template using React-html-parser package and this parsed data is passed to ckeditor so that it should get display in editable format.

Here is code:

                editor={ getEditor(this.props.editor) }
                data= {ReactHtmlParser(this.props.html)}

                onChange={ ( event, editor ) => {
                    const data = editor.getData();
                    console.log( { event, editor, data } );
                } }
                onBlur={ editor => {
                    console.log( 'Blur.', editor );
                } }
                onFocus={ editor => {
                    console.log( 'Focus.', editor );
                } }

But this giving me an issue of CKEditorError: datacontroller-set-non-existent-root: Attempting to set data on a non-existing root, I had gone through the provided link in above exception : https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor5/latest/api/module_engine_controller_datacontroller-DataController.html

REACT HTML PARSER giving output as

$$typeof: Symbol(react.element)
key: "0"
children: ["<div> Paymeny Thank You. </div>"]
key: (...)
get key: ƒ warnAboutAccessingKey()
__proto__: Object
ref: null
type: "p"
_owner: FiberNode {tag: 1, key: null, elementType: ƒ, type: ƒ, stateNode: AllCKEditor, …}
_store: {validated: false}
_self: null
_source: null
__proto__: Object
length: 1
__proto__: Array(0)

Paymeny Thank You. <--- This the text in

tag But I am not getting where I am doing this wrong, please guide. Thanks

  • Can you share a little bit more? Which editor is used? What is getEditor? What's the output type of ReactHtmlParser? – oleq Aug 1 at 9:17
  • updated. please check @oleq – Mohammed Sabir Aug 1 at 9:27
  • 1
    Looks like the parser returns an array. The component expects data property to be a plain string. – oleq Aug 1 at 10:27
  • ya worked.. Thanks @oleq – Mohammed Sabir Aug 2 at 9:48

The data property of the component expects a plain string while ReactHtmlParser returns parsed React components. Make sure you pass the right data format to the component:

    data= {this.props.html}
    // ...

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