Where can I find the setting for adding the closing tag in layout automatically in android studio . Suppose If I select TextView from suggestions it should automatically close it with />

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Previously I used to get the ending tag automatically but after updating Android studio I am not getting it. I tried to search in Editor > Code Style > XML but didn't find any relevant setting

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I am on Android studio 3.5 RC 3

  • Try the answer from this post – Giddy Naya Aug 1 at 9:54
  • For me, it just does it by default on Android Studio 3.4.1, and my settings for XML look pretty much the same as yours – Vucko Aug 1 at 9:55
  • @GiddyNaya I am getting auto complete hints fine , only closing tag is not getting added . I will still try the solution – Manohar Reddy Aug 1 at 9:59
  • @Vucko the option must be some where else , can't find it – Manohar Reddy Aug 1 at 10:00
  • @ManoharReddy Have you tried doing the same in Android Studio 3.4.2? – SnakeException Aug 8 at 16:17

Could it be this one?

Android Studio Settings

Insert closing tag on tag completion and Auto-close tag on typing </ ?

For what is worth, mine closes automatically.

  • It must be that one! Good catch. Mine is also turned on and it does close the tag. – Vucko Aug 1 at 10:32
  • Mine is checked too but still the ending tag does not come – Manohar Reddy Aug 1 at 11:08

The base problem: Observe the current code style (Schema) it's got changed from default style to project style when you rebuild your project, I don't know why this happened!

A proper fix for this, is setting the current style to Default IDE:

enter image description here

  • No use , Tried it already before – Manohar Reddy Aug 9 at 4:50

I've both AD 3.4.2 and 3.5 RC 3 installed on my system. XML issues like this are only happening on 3.5+ versions. I've looked up at open issues and came to know that 3.5 causing many issues like No auto tags after completion, hangs/freezes during autocompletion and many more.

  • ya might be a bug , I cannot find any setting . I will accept answer once I can confirm if it's a bug . – Manohar Reddy Aug 15 at 13:28

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