Someone told me it was illegal to write your own encryption is this true?

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  • It depends on where you are. It is illegal to import encryption software into many countries. If you live in one of them, I'd be careful about writing encryption software. The United States is not one of those countries. Export of encryption software is restricted in more countries. However, it isn't likely that an amateur would write anything that could be considered "encryption software." In fact, governments would probably welcome the wider use of "encryption software" written by non-cryptographers. – erickson Apr 20 '11 at 14:41

Depends on the laws in your country/state. But unless you're in some tinpot dictatorship like North Korea, writing anything is very unlikely to be illegal. Now, if you came up with some super-dooper-ultra-secure-never-can-be-cracked encryption method that, miracle of miracles, actually IS uncrackable, then you're likely to run into trouble sharing it. "military-grade" encryption tends to be classified as "munitions" and is subject to export restrictions.

That being said, the odds of an amateur coming up with an actual bone-fide uncrackable algorithm are extremely slim. Anyone can write an encryption algorithm they cannot themselves crack, but that doesn't mean it's actually secure and likely is utterly trivial to crack by any half-decent cryptographer.


Just writing it is not illegal. Well.... Maybe in some 3rd world country with a totalitarian government, but in general not.

But: Some countries (the USA among others) do have export limitations on shipping/selling encryption software across borders. You need a specialized lawyer to figure out what is/isn't allowed in that case.

However.... Rolling your own encryption for any sort of serious application is in general a bad idea. Designing a truly secure encryption algorithm is very, very, very hard. You better leave it to the experts and just use one of the many available algorithms in your own software/product.

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