I've written a plugin that generate one file in target/generated-sources/. This plugin only has one mojo. This mojo is declared with the following :

 * @goal convertsql
 * @phase generate-sources
 * @requiresProject
public class ConverterMojo extends AbstractMojo { 

In the project, i want to use the plugin but it doesn't work if i don't specify the executions tag :


I would like to only configure the plugin like this :


Is it possible to specify the default mojo for my plugin ? The default goal and phase are defined in the mojo... I mean, when using the jar plugin, i don't have to tell the goal i want to execute, at which phase... it is automatic.


  • How does you pom look like for your Plugin?
    – khmarbaise
    Apr 20, 2011 at 15:56

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Having your Maven plugin automatically run its default goal when its default phase executes is not possible. This is confusing because there are a lot of standard plugin ‘bindings’ for specific packagings. Those are defined in Maven core: https://maven.apache.org/ref/3.6.1/maven-core/default-bindings.html

For example, for WAR packaging it is:


By defining a default phase in your plugin you won’t have to specify that, just the goal. In your case:

           Not needed for default phase of plugin goal:

Also see https://maven.apache.org/developers/mojo-api-specification.html (look for @phase). The relevant quote (my emphasis):

Defines a default phase to bind a mojo execution to if the user does not explicitly set a phase in the POM. Note: This annotation will not automagically make a mojo run when the plugin declaration is added to the POM. It merely enables the user to omit the element from the surrounding element.


You need to add a META-INF/plexus/components.xml file to your plugin and set <extensions>true</extensions> in your plugin block.

See 11.6.3. Overriding the Default Lifecycle from the Maven Book for reference

  • Thanks, I've tried with lifecycle.xml, components.xml, can't get it to work... I forgot the idea, i will put the config in the pom.
    – Jerome VDL
    Apr 26, 2011 at 9:52
  • @Jerome I haven't actually done it myself, either. I just quoted the docs :-) Apr 26, 2011 at 10:51
  • That is the way to specify a custom lifecycle for a custom packaging type. Jul 16, 2019 at 16:37

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