As part of learning/experimenting with bash I wrote a script with which you can install android-tools-adb package. apt output is written to log file. Before and after I run apt install, I check number of lines in log file, so I can check lines later for errors:

OUT=~/script_output-$(date +"%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S").log
echo "" > "$OUT"
ln_before=$(wc --lines < "$OUT")
(sudo apt install android-tools-adb --yes) &>> "$OUT"
ln_after=$(wc --lines < "$OUT")

after apt is finished, I can see in log file 87 lines. However, wc --lines returns 66. I understand it's because of lines starting with 'Reading dataase ...' which are updated on the same line in terminal. Gedit recognizes correctly that it has 87 lines. How can I get correct number of lines from log file ? Note this is not full script, just part of one function.

  • first attempt to return 87 and second attempt return 66? – Adiii Aug 2 at 15:18
  • You can use cat -A to identify the characters; to make sense of the ^- notation it uses, either substract 64 from the code of the character that follows the ^ or shift two columns to the left in an ascii table (for instance ^K => 75 - 64 = 11 = VT, Vertical Tab). I'm struggling to find how to count them though, I thought grep -c would be appropriate but it counts matching lines, not individual matches. – Aaron Aug 2 at 16:10
  • This question most likely has the solution to that problem. Looks like the awk accepted solution doesn't do the trick (but could be improved to print the sum of the counts rather than the count per line), and the tr + wc -c should work just fine – Aaron Aug 2 at 16:15
  • tr '\r' '\n' < "$OUT" > "$OUT.new"; mv "$OUT.new" "$OUT" before ln_after=$(wc --lines < "$OUT") – Dennis Williamson Aug 2 at 21:50

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