Im trying to follow the tutorial AWS Lambda Functions Made Easy - codeburst.

However I don't understand this code snippet:

export VIRTUALENV='venv_lambda'
export ZIP_FILE='lambda.zip'
export PYTHON_VERSION='python2.7'# Zip dependencies from virtualenv, and main.py
cd $VIRTUALENV/lib/$PYTHON_VERSION/site-packages/
zip -r9 ../../../../$ZIP_FILE *
cd ../../../../
zip -g $ZIP_FILE main.py
  1. Am I just exporting the virtual environment and the main.py as a zip?

  2. What does export do here?

  3. What am I suppose to replace the middle part of zip -r9 ../../../../$ZIP_FILE * with?


1) You are creating a zip file that includes your main.py as well as everything in your virtual environment's site_packages directory (your pip-installed dependencies).

2) export is a bash builtin command that sets a variable in the current environment and the environment of any future child processes. In this case it doesn't seem like it's used in any child process and probably not needed.

3) Nothing. That ../../../../$ZIP_FILE is the relative path back to where the resulting zip file will be located in your original directory (before the cd command).

The key is to make a zip containing your code and dependencies all at the top level of the zip archive, as opposed to having dependencies nested several levels down in site_packages as they are locally.


This is a VERY old tutorial. I highly recommend abandoning it and trying some of the frameworks (e.g. Serverless or AWS SAM). Here comes a nice official tutorial of AWS SAM.

Please note that boto3 is a Python package that is a Python driver (middleware) for the AWS API. Theoretically, you can create a function with it, but you still have to do the packaging and deployment of the lambda code separately then. And there is a lot of extra configuration work that frameworks can do for you. Definitely not a beginner level.

As of your question: export command in the example above is an Operating System (not Python) command to create/update some ENVIRONMENT-al variable in your OS session. They can be used from any language/application that you invoke during that session. In this code snippet you first export ZIP_FILE and then use it as $ZIP_FILE this is bash syntax. Same fo VIRTUALENV and PYTHON_VERSION - these are just string variables.

P.S. Python 2.7 will retire very soon: https://pythonclock.org/ Abandon that, as well. AWS Lambda has native support for the two latest (as of today) versions of Python: 3.6 and 3.7.

  • yeah it looks quite outdated. Could you tell me what *zip -r9 ../../../../$ZIP_FILE * should be replaced with? Is it asking me to specify the directory to zip file or create a directory with zip file in it? – Qwertford Aug 3 '19 at 2:39

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