I am having several screen and they get open in the following manner Home Screen > Cart and here on Cart user click on product and shows product details, now if i press hardware back button I am taken back to home screen, instead of cart page, but if i press the back button that i embedded in the toolbar that takes me to Cart Screen.

This thing is happening only with the Cart page, even on the cart page I tend to go on place order page, and then delivery form ,and i am taken back to correct page, but this thing happens only with cart page and product list in it and product details page

I am navigating to new screens using the

     builder: (context) => Cart(
              store: store,
              productDao: ProductDao(),
              cartDao: CartDao(),

and the same push() I am using for the other pages as well.

Ideally, it should maintain the back stack as I am pushing a new material route and it should pop the screen on top so on.

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