I recently published my Django local git repo to the Azure App Service with Python 3.7 runtime. The deployment said it is successful and active but I only see Azure Default Page when I browse it.

I can't find any logs anywhere and it shows no signs of errors. How can I solve this ?

UPDATE: My Azure Configuration settings does not have option for setting the default page setting. The web app I am deploying is for Django and not for ASP

Thanks and regards, Rachhek.


I am answering my own question. I solved the problem by fixing the gunicorn bind settings. My guess is by default it pointed to wsgi in some other directory.

I added the following startup command to the general settings of the Web App Configuration

gunicorn -w 2 -b --chdir /home/site/wwwroot/appname appname.wsgi:application 

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  • I have a similar problem but mine is a django app and I can't find the wsgi file. I have tried all combinations of the path /home/site/wwwroot and so on. – Shivam Negi Jun 12 '20 at 16:40

Ok. I will answer the question here. Check the deafult document section of the Web App.

Make sure you default page is listed in here and is above hostingstart.html


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    Sorry, There is no section for "Default Documents" in my App Service. I can only see Application Settings, General Settings and Path Mappings. – Raxak Aug 7 '19 at 9:38

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