I want to compile a simple rust program using a third party library named warp:

name = "hello-world-warp"
version = "0.1.0"

warp = "0.1.18"

In src/main.rs:

use warp::{self, path, Filter};

fn main() {
    // GET /hello/warp => 200 OK with body "Hello, warp!"
    let hello = warp::path!("hello" / String)
        .map(|name| format!("Hello, {}!", name));

        .run(([127, 0, 0, 1], 3030));

When I run cargo build I see it download warp and lots of transitive dependencies, then I get the errors:

Compiling hello-world-warp v0.1.0 (<path>) error[E0432]: unresolved import `warp`
 --> src/main.rs:3:12
3 | use warp::{self, path, Filter};
  |            ^^^^ no `warp` in the root

error: cannot find macro `path!` in this scope

I've gone through various docs on modules and crates. What am I doing wrong in this simple scenario?

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    What happens if you remove self? Note that it's not really needed anyways, since it's already in scope (at least in Rust 2018). – jhpratt Aug 4 at 22:26
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    If you don't want to specify extern crate you need to use the 2018 edition and add edition = "2018" to your Cargo.toml. – mcarton Aug 4 at 22:41

The example you copied uses a syntax that works in the most recent edition of Rust, but you've accidentally set your Rust to emulate an old "2015" version of the language.

You must add:

edition = "2018"

to your Cargo.toml's [package] section.

When starting new projects, always use cargo new. It will ensure the latest edition flag is set correctly.

  • wow, that was it :) with no other changes, it worked! Thanks! – clay Aug 5 at 0:39

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