Why does queryPastPurchases() return a populated list with my subscription on android, but returns an empty list on iOS?

I have a physical iOS SE phone, my apple user is added as an tester in testflight, I've added a subscription in App Store Connect, and I am able to buy the subscription(in testflight). However queryPastPurchases() returns an empty list...

  // Gets past purchases
  Future<void> _getPastPurchases() async {
    QueryPurchaseDetailsResponse response =
        await _iap.queryPastPurchases();

    for (PurchaseDetails purchase in response.pastPurchases) {
      if (Platform.isIOS) {

    setState(() {
      _purchases = response.pastPurchases;

Turns out there was nothing wrong with the code.

In order to make it work I had to create a sandbox user. Then I had to log out from my current logged in AppID on the phone. Then I had to "Edit Scheme" in Xcode from Release to Debug. Then I ran "flutter run" in terminal. Then I purchased my NonConsumable subscription, and in the dialog I had to enter the sandbox user email and pwd.

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    I have the same problem, but these steps didn't seem to help. I can purchase the subscription with sandbox user, and it is successful, but when I queryPastPurchases() after, it returns an empty array. Did you do anything else? – Zigmārs Dzērve Aug 13 at 14:54
  • Sadly it's not working again... I don't know what made queryPastPurchases contain a purchase :/ I guess I'll remove this answer. My solution has been to create a consumable product which is my subscription that I have to store in my database. With this solution I wont get autorenew and apple will take a bigger cut... – Christer Aug 13 at 22:05
  • What i noticed is thet Appstore does not return "Non Renowable Subscription" and makes you handle the expiry yourself. – Zigmārs Dzērve Aug 14 at 6:28

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