Was wondering if anyone had any insight or recommended tools for exporting the records from a PostgreSQL database and importing them into a MySQL database. I believe the table structure is 100% identical.

Thoughts? Thanks!


The command

pg_dump --data-only --column-inserts <database_name>  

will generate SQL-standard-compliant INSERT statements with all column names listed and one VALUES clause per INSERT. This is the most portable way of moving data from PostgreSQL to any other SQL database.

  • Before you import the SQL file into your database, run a [bundle exec ]rake db:migrate to create the tables and columns. – Ryan Sep 27 '14 at 0:58

Check out SquirrelSQL, it can pump data from one database brand into another via the DBCopy plugin. When the table structures are really identical it works quite well.


There is a ruby app called Taps that will do it. I've used it before with great success:


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