The snippet is to rebuild a binary tree from its pre-order and in-order representation.

static public BinaryTreeNode<T> BuildFromPreAndInOrder<T>(ReadOnlySpan<T> preOrder, ReadOnlySpan<T> inOrder)
    if (preOrder == null || preOrder.IsEmpty || inOrder == null || inOrder.IsEmpty) { return null; }
    var val = preOrder[0];
    BinaryTreeNode<T> root = new BinaryTreeNode<T>(val);
    // this doesn't make sense
    var splitPoint = MemoryExtensions.IndexOf<T>(inOrder, val);
    if (splitPoint == -1) {
        return null;
    preOrder = preOrder.Slice(1);
    var leftPart = inOrder.Slice(0, splitPoint);
    var rightPart = inOrder.Slice(splitPoint + 1);
    root.left = BuildFromPreAndInOrder(preOrder, leftPart);
    root.right = BuildFromPreAndInOrder(preOrder, rightPart);
    return root;

The node is simple so I attach the partial.

class BinaryTreeNode<T> : IEquatable<BinaryTreeNode<T>>
    public T key;
    public BinaryTreeNode<T> left;
    public BinaryTreeNode<T> right;

I tried to compile it on .NET Core 3 Preview 7 SDK but the compiler complains error CS1503: Argument 2: cannot convert from 'T' to 'System.ReadOnlySpan<T>'. Why the compiler can't choose the right method? The inspection tool shows me a signature that should be able to match this.

public static int IndexOf<T>([NullableAttribute(new[] { 0, 1 })] this ReadOnlySpan<T> span, [NullableAttribute(1)] T value) where T : IEquatable<T>;
  • Have you tried with SpanExtensions? Is it available? – Pavel Anikhouski Aug 6 at 8:15
  • @JeroenMostert Post that as an answer? – nvoigt Aug 6 at 10:59

There is no where T : IEquatable<T> constraint on your method, so no overload of IndexOf is actually applicable. Add that and the problem disappears.

The actual error is still misleading/wrong. This is change/regression in Roslyn. A change between error messages can be observed going from C# 7.2 to 7.3; for 7.2 you'll get

error CS0314: The type T cannot be used as type parameter T in the generic type or method ... There is no boxing conversion or type parameter conversion from T to System.IEquatable<T>.

Whereas 7.3 gives the far less useful

error CS1503: Argument 1: cannot convert from FirstParamType to SecondParamType.

This is not specific to .NET Core or ReadOnlySpan, it can be repro'd with any generic class. It might possibly be fixed in the next release (disclaimer: I didn't check if the fix actually applies, but it seems to address exactly this issue).

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