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I am trying to connect my app to facebook login with Laravel and socialite package.But i don't know why facebook show me this error. I searched internet but i couldn't find anything .How can i fix this error ?

I thought that if i make my connection with https it will work but after making https again error appears.

My code in laravel:


Route::get('login/{provider}', 'SocialController@redirect');


    public function redirect($provider)
        return Socialite::driver($provider)->redirect();

    public function Callback($provider){

        $userSocial =   Socialite::driver($provider)->stateless()->user();
        $users       =   User::where(['email' => $userSocial->getEmail()])->first();
            return redirect('/');
        }else{$user = User::create([
                'username'          => $userSocial->getName(),
                'email'         => $userSocial->getEmail(),
                'provider_id'   => $userSocial->getId(),
                'provider'      => $provider,
            return redirect()->route('home');
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    So “make connection with https” means what exactly - just accessing the site via https://, or did you make additional changes in the configuration? – misorude Aug 6 '19 at 9:48
  • @misorude, I think no i made connection with https:// but facebook show error again. Maybe this error mean something different – Mammadli Anar Aug 6 '19 at 10:09
  • So what does the address bar show when you try to call the login dialog - the value of the redirect_uri parameter, is that actually an HTTPS URL? – misorude Aug 6 '19 at 10:12
  • when i try to login uri is like that facebook.com/v3.0/dialog/… I think u are right because in the uri http written – Mammadli Anar Aug 6 '19 at 11:04
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    thanks a lot .i change FACEBOOK_URL in .env this error solved . But now i have new error do u know solution of this i.imgur.com/7OGEQ1A.png? – Mammadli Anar Aug 6 '19 at 11:14

The simple answer is - Facebook will send sensitive data to provided redirect_uri, so it is ensuring this connection is private, by forcing you to use valid SSL.

As long as you do not setup a valid domain with proper certificate, Facebook won't let you use production API.

  • Where is this redirect_uri defined? I have a https ssl secure domain put in the App Domains, Site URL, Domains and Valid OAuth Redirect URIs in the Facebook console but it still uses redirect_uri=http://domain instead of https – Matt Jan 6 at 17:25

You can use ngrok to make your localthost https. download and run ngrok.exe.

Then run command ngrok.exe http {port}. In most cases, it will be 8000.


I used the https server and it's working fine enter image description here

Refer this and this


In case of angular : try to serve your app in secured socket layer true mode as Facebook is detecting insecure connection

Use the following command:

ng serve --ssl true

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