I've got a code first EF Core model. Some of the columns use the HasMaxLength(X) fluent syntax to limit the length of these columns. Currently these limits are only enforced by the database and i'd like to find out before hitting the database when a string has become to long.

Fluent config example:

modelBuilder.Entity<SomeEntity>(entity =>
                entity.Property(p => p.SomeStringProperty)

Now i would like to get the HasMaxLength value back at runtime when i only have a DBContext at hand. Is that possilbe?

Thinking about something like: ctx.Set<SomeEntity>.SomeStringProperty.MaxLength().


Thinking about something like: ctx.Set<SomeEntity>.SomeStringProperty.MaxLength()

Almost. Just instead of DbSet<T> you need to use the EF Core model metadata services, staring with Context.Model property, and then FindEntityType, GetProperties or FindProperty etc., for instance


Reference: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Metadata Namespace

  • Cool. Thanks alot! – ghandi Aug 6 at 15:37

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