Given a test, is there some way to mark a param as explicit only?

@pytest.mark.parametrize('fixture_mode', ('m1', 'm2', 'm3', \
def test_stuff(fixture_mode):

So that way the user gets m1,m2,m3 by default, and only gets parameter m4 if they specify a -k keyword or pytest tests.py::test_stuff[m4].

I don't see a good way of having a set of default parameters for a tests, and a set of allowed overrides and special tests that can be run optionally using the same syntax. I did see a way of adding command line options using pytest_generate_tests:

pytest --m4 tests.py::test_stuff

But that means a user can't run "all modes":

pytest tests.py::test_stuff -k [m1 or m2 or m3 or m4]

A good example is "run using mocks only" vs "run on mocks + live site", etc.

I finally managed to do it a little using metafunc.config.getoption("keyword", "") and metafunc.parametrize with marks and ids. But it's horrid, requiring me to re-eval keywords, and generally hack up the test generator. It also doesn't work with the bracket syntax, because that doesn't show up in the keywords. Pretty sure I'm doing something wrong. For example, see: https://pastebin.com/H5E3DxDJ

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