I just want to count the dates Monday of each number in column C filtered by column A. But it is giving an error in the formula:


drive link here

  • For each sheet, create column D, insert =if(weekday(C2,2)<>1,0,weekday(C2,2)) in Cell D2 and copy to bottom of content. Count = =COUNTIF(JANEIRO!$A$2:$A$30,"=1")+COUNTIF(FEVEREIRO!$A$2:$A$32,"=1") – Tedinoz Aug 7 at 1:31
  • unfortunately did not work, is giving error in the 2 functions informed – Glaucco Aug 7 at 1:39
  • 1) You have data validation set on the new column D; turn that off. 2) Regional settings "may" require a semi-colon instead of a comma in "weekday". For example weekday(C2;2) – Tedinoz Aug 7 at 5:57

paste in A2 cell and drag down:

 "select Col1 where dayOfWeek(Col3) = 2"; 0); ",")); "^"&TO_TEXT(A2)&"$"))))


spreadsheet demo

  • I did the procedure. But Unfortunately, the B column count of cell B5 is wrong. The number 4 only appears 2 times on Monday. Using the formula = ARRAYFORMULA (SUM (N (REGEXMATCH (QUERY ({JANUARY! A $ 2: C; FEBRUARY! A $ 2: C}; "select Col1 where dayOfWeek (Col3) = 2"; 0); "" & A5)))) appeared 3 times. – Glaucco Aug 7 at 21:26
  • @Glaucco yup, fixed. answer and demo sheet updated – player0 Aug 7 at 21:50
  • 1
    Thank you, it is working perfectly. – Glaucco Aug 7 at 22:22

there are no mondays. formula is:

 "where dayOfWeek(Col1) = 2"; 0)))


  • I understand, I already made change in column C date and includes the dates of Monday. But, I want you to count Monday as follows: = sort (unique (transpose (split (join (","; JANUARY! $ A $ 2: $ A $ 197; FEBRUARY! $ A $ 2: $ A $ 197); " Is "))); 1; TRUE) possible? – Glaucco Aug 7 at 8:58
  • 1
    @Glaucco You didn’t mention this in your question; it’s not even a variation on what player0 covered in their answer; the data ranges don’t match anything in your spreadsheet. Why not open this as a new question and explain EXACTLY what you are trying to achieve. You should also include an example of a successful outcome in the spreadsheet. – Tedinoz Aug 7 at 9:10
  • I just want to count the dates Monday of each column C number filtered by column A. I made change to the spreadsheet by including an EXPECTED RESULT sheet for ease of understanding. Please see the change at the link: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/… – Glaucco Aug 7 at 9:56

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