I need to query items from contentful using graphql.contentful API. Currently I have just two items in my database, but in future I'm going to have unlimited number of them. I've already met the return value "TOO_COMPLEX_QUERY". I can avoid this by setting limit to 1, but in that case I'll never get the second record, just the 1st one. Basically I can just query the id's of all items and then query the rest information for each entry in a loop, but I fear, that in future the "TOO_COMPLEX_QUERY"-error would still appear even if only entry ids were asked. That's because the number of entries might be huge.


Contentful GraphQL API has Query Complexity Limits. You can currently request up to 11,000 entities in one request.

When a client gets query complexity limited, the API responds with a TOO_COMPLEX_QUERY error.

I'm assuming you are fetching nested data as well in a single query. You can look at the response header X-Contentful-Graphql-Query-Cost in your client to see how complex your current query is and optimise it accordingly.

Read more about this in their official docs

  • Thanks praveenweb! But if I need to fetch just ids for more than 11 000 entries? – Jaana Aug 8 at 5:37

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