I am writing an XPCE-program in which a user can enter a text in a text window which is then processed further by a Prolog program (say, by running a spelling check).

Thus, I would need a text window in which one can enter text freely (including paragraphs, punctuation marks etc.) and then store the text in a Prolog variable for further processing.

This is easy (and works well) using a text_item as follows:

 send(D, append(new(Text,   text_item('Enter Text'))))

However, this only allows to enter a single line, which is unsuitable for longer texts.

The "editor" environment looks well suited to this task; and I can create an editor using

send(D, append(new(Text1,editor),below))

Here, one can enter a text of many lines, including paragraphs etc. But now, how do I access the text entered by the user? It is apparently not stored in the variable Text1. I read about a text_buffer, but I do not know how to link it to the editor.

  • try get(Name_Of_Editor, text_buffer, My_Text). – joel76 Aug 8 at 9:51

adapted from XPCE guide

:- use_module(library(pce)).

multiline_input(Text) :-
        new(D, dialog('Prompting for name')),
        send(D, append, new(TI, editor)),
        send(D, append,
             button(ok, message(D, return,
        send(D, append,
             button(cancel, message(D, return, @nil))),
        send(D, default_button, ok), % Ok: default button
        get(D, confirm, Answer),     % This blocks!
        send(D, destroy),
        Answer \== @nil,             % canceled
        get(Answer, value, Text).

Just replaced text_item with editor, getting its content, and then getting value out of it.

  • Thanks, this helps. However, now the text value is handed over once as the value of the variable "Text". Is it also possible to set it up in such a way that one can change the text and, whenever the "OK"-button is pressed, the new version is processed? – M Carl Aug 8 at 15:08
  • Should be enough to get the contents from the editor, and then the value. Of course, you can do from any event handler where you have the variable bound to the editor instance - here TI – CapelliC Aug 8 at 17:07
  • Great, thanks, everything seems to work fine now! – M Carl Aug 9 at 10:03

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