How can I make split(/\t/, $STRING) detect empty items when $STRING ends with "\t\t"?

Using Perl script, I am trying to split strings based on as a separator between items then count and use these items. But, when the strings end with a combination s, the script doesn't count empty items.


string="value1\tvalue2\t\t\t\t" (value1, value2 and 4 empty items)

but it counts 2 items (value1, value2):

print $STRING."\n";
my @F = split(/\t/, $STRING);
print scalar(@F)."\n";

# The number of items must match the number of header name
if( scalar(@F) == 6 )
                    print  "Done \n";

the code prints:

value1  value2      

while what is expected is:

value1  value2  

Change the split line by adding -1 as a parameter:

my @F = split(/\t/, $STRING, -1);


value1  value2              

Per perldoc split, the parameters to split are PATTERN, EXPR, LIMIT. In your current situation, "LIMIT is omitted so "trailing empty fields are stripped."

By adding the -1 value for LIMIT:

If LIMIT is negative, it is treated as if it were instead arbitrarily large; as many fields as possible are produced.

So a negative final argument prevents split from discarding trailing fields.

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