I am currently using webpack 4.32 from reactcreateapp and I wanted to rename the format of the output file. Current it using Tilde(~) as a separator in its filename like hits runtime~main.167ad0b7.js.map. Instead of Tilde I want to use dash instead. How can I change that?

I tried googling it and it says I need to adjust

automaticNameDelimiter: '~'

but unfortunately I think in Webpack 4 they change how you can configure things. When I search for it can see this but I tried hardcoding it in thedash but it doesnt work and whats with the questionmark beside the property? TIA

 interface SplitChunksOptions {
        /** Select chunks for determining shared modules (defaults to \"async\", \"initial\" and \"all\" requires adding these chunks to the HTML) */
        chunks?: "initial" | "async" | "all" | ((chunk: compilation.Chunk) => boolean);
        /** Minimal size for the created chunk */
        minSize?: number;
        /** Maximum size for the created chunk */
        maxSize?: number;
        /** Minimum number of times a module has to be duplicated until it's considered for splitting */
        minChunks?: number;
        /** Maximum number of requests which are accepted for on-demand loading */
        maxAsyncRequests?: number;
        /** Maximum number of initial chunks which are accepted for an entry point */
        maxInitialRequests?: number;
        /** Give chunks created a name (chunks with equal name are merged) */
        name?: boolean | string | ((...args: any[]) => any);
        /** Assign modules to a cache group (modules from different cache groups are tried to keep in separate chunks) */
        cacheGroups?: false | string | ((...args: any[]) => any) | RegExp | { [key: string]: CacheGroupsOptions | false };
        /** Override the default name separator (~) when generating names automatically (name: true)  */
        automaticNameDelimiter?: string;

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After ejecting, config/webpack.config.js

- new InlineChunkHtmlPlugin(HtmlWebpackPlugin, [/runtime~.+[.]js/]),
+ new InlineChunkHtmlPlugin(HtmlWebpackPlugin, [/runtime-.+[.]js/]),
- runtimeChunk: true
+ runtimeChunk: {
+   name: entrypoint => `runtime-${entrypoint.name}`
+ }

And have a look at the docs for the split-chunks-plugin plugin

// after ejecting, config/webpack.config.js:246
splitChunks: {
  chunks: 'all',
  name: true, // <--
  automaticNameDelimiter: '---boom---', // <--

this generates something like


You also could add a function instead of a string to output.filename of the webpack config:

// after ejecting, config/webpack.config.js:246
filename: isEnvProduction
  ? ({ chunk, ...rest }) => {
    // just for debug
    console.log(JSON.stringify(({chunk, rest}))); 
    return `static/js/${chunk.name.replace('~', '-')}.[contenthash:8].js` 
  : isEnvDevelopment && 'static/js/bundle.js',

I think you get the idea, I added some console.log for debugging.

  • I found it but I noticed it wasnt the one the was used to create the runtime~main.167ad0b7.js.map. Would you know where to find it?
    – Hawk
    Aug 7, 2019 at 19:21

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