I've successfully connected my Delphi(FM) app to a ESP32 device and I can send commands/receive data over BLE (I am showing a message for connection status after connection is successful/unsuccessful). But problem is that, if user close/power off the ESP32 device then mobile app still shows connection established.

I've tried both System.Bluetooth.TBluetoothConnectionState and System.Bluetooth.TBluetoothLEManager.ConnectionState with a TTimer but no success.

if not (BLEDevice1.ConnectionState = TBluetoothConnectionState.Connected) then
  Showmessge('Connection not established!');
  // this type of control doesn't change anything.
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    BLEDevice1.OnDisconnect event? – Dave Nottage Aug 8 at 0:52
  • @DaveNottage thank you for comment, I've tried this before but it wouldn't work because problem was about I didn't wait until OnDisconnect event fire (it takes too time). After waiting for a time, message has been shown. Only the problem is this control made approximately within 10-15 sec. but it seems the correct answer is your suggestion. So please can you add this as an answer.. – Alper Aug 8 at 11:55

Use the OnDisconnect event of the Bluetooth device (TBluetoothLEDevice)

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