import bumpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as per
import pandas as pd.

Console showing some warning. Can anyone help me with this

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    Please add more detail to the question – Sundeep Pidugu Aug 8 at 9:46
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    What is the warning? – Jammy Dodger Aug 8 at 9:46
  • If console shows some warning, you need to fix something. – bereal Aug 8 at 9:47
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    @bereal Well you don't need to, but probably should... Warnings aren't errors :) – Julien Aug 8 at 9:50
  • This is not a big deal. If you want this warning to go away, just don't import any module you aren't actually using. – Julien Aug 8 at 9:54

In python, when you import a library, it is expected to be utilized in the code blocks. Hence, as it obviously states, you may have imported these but have not used all of them.

Besides that being the obvious warning, your imports should have been

import numpy as np

NOT bumpy.

And remove the unnecessary period following the pandas import.

import pandas as pd

But if you still want to have imports and not use them, or keep them for later declarations, you could choose to suppress or ignore the warnings, which I do not endorse. But, if you so badly want to get rid of 'em, you can do so by adding the following line to the beginning of your code.

import warnings
  • yes numpy, its my mystake while posting. – nag6631 Aug 8 at 18:19
  • I need to just import those packages.can u please help me on that. – nag6631 Aug 8 at 18:20
  • So, there's no issue. You can simply add the ignore warnings statement as I've indicated my response and import these libraries. Then, you shouldn't be getting any warnings. – Nayantara Jeyaraj Aug 12 at 4:13

That's probably from e.g. pyflakes shown in your IDE console.

It just gives you a hint that you've imported a module and not used it (yet).

The warning will go away as soon as you've used at least one function from the imported modules in the following code.

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