I have a PHP file "pdf.php" and it is not working. I checked with some tutorials and videos and just do not understand the mistake it has.

Any help/suggestion would be really appreciated


//defining pdf objectives
$pdf = new FPDF('p', 'mm', 'A4');

//Document properties
$pdf-> SetTitle('Auftrag Anbieterwechsel');



$pdf->Cell(100,10,'FPDF Tutorial',1,0,'C',0);

$pdf->Write(5,'Congratulations! You have generated a PDF. ');


The output is showing now "The page isn't working".

  • Check the server error log to see if there are any messages there. – aynber Aug 8 '19 at 15:15

You have some mistakes in your code.

1 - $pdf = SetTitle('Something');  --> $pdf->SetTitle('Something');

2 - $pdf->SetDisplayMode(real,'default'); --> $pdf->SetDisplayMode('real','default'); //because real is a string value and needs quote

Also please make sure your path to fpdf.php is right. The code works for me otherwise.

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