I simply want to use a get capabilities method using the function ogrinfo from the gdalutils package in R, but there seems to be a problem with the package install

This is the first time that I try this in R so I might be missing something obvious. I tried this simple code:

dsn <- "WFS:http://geomap.reteunitaria.piemonte.it/ws/gsareprot/rp- 

ogrinfo(dsn, so=TRUE)

I get the following:

NULL Warning messages: 1: In gdal_setInstallation(ignore.full_scan = ignore.full_scan, verbose = >verbose) : No GDAL installation found. Please install 'gdal' before continuing: - www.gdal.org (no HDF4 support!) - www.trac.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/ (with HDF4 support RECOMMENDED) - www.fwtools.maptools.org (with HDF4 support)

2: In gdal_setInstallation(ignore.full_scan = ignore.full_scan, verbose = >verbose) : If you think GDAL is installed, please run: gdal_setInstallation(ignore.full_scan=FALSE)

That's the first time I use this package so I'm not sure to understand. Do I need to install gdal? I installed the rgdal package, if that matters.

Thank you

  • Yes, you need to install GDAL. If you are on windows, the osgeo installer is usually the easiest choice. If GDAL is already installed, try gdal_setInstallation(ignore.full_scan=FALSE) – lbusett Aug 19 at 9:43
  • Ok fair enough I'll try that then, thank you – Thomas Aug 20 at 14:58

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