I have to follow following instructions and add a table and join it to the existing one with one to many relationship:

  1. Download Sakila dataset and unzip sakila-db.zip file
  2. Open MySQL workbench and execute the sakila-schema.sql script
  3. Reverse Engineer the database and generate the EER model
  4. Modify the EER model to add a new lookup table : payment_type
    • This table will have a 1 to Many relationship with the Payment table.
    • Attributes of payment_type table:
    • payment_type_id (Primary Key) : SMALLINT(6)
    • method - varchar (10)
    • description – varchar (45)
    • Add payment_type_id as a foreign key in the Payment table as follows:
    • payment_type_id (Foreign Key) : SMALLINT(6)

I just want to confirm if what I have done is correct or not?

If not, what am I missing on.

created a table and then added a foreign key to the reference table

Here's what I did.

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