I have this code block when :link-flows sub has changed, @(subscribe [:link-flows ::assign-to-flow-q]) is not triggered and re-render does not run.

I think it's re-frame/as-element fn?

Also wrapping into (fn []) throws an error due to React child table error so it's not an option.

Functions are not valid as a React child. This may happen if you return a Component instead of <Component /> from render. Or maybe you meant to call this function rather than return it.

(let [flows @(subscribe [:link-flows ::assign-to-flow-q])]
     {:showSearch       true
      :optionFilterProp "children"
      :onSearch         #(dispatch [:set-ns-search-q ::assign-to-flow-q %])}
     (map (fn [flow]
             {:value (:id flow)} (:name flow)])

Is there any way to make this re-render mechanism work?


In this code, the render function is not clear. For re-render to happen, the subscription should be inside the render function. I would still suggest to wrap it inside a (fn []) and remove the (re-frame/as-element).

  • re-frame/as-element is a must, I'm using Ant Design lib so I need to use as-element. – Ertuğrul Çetin Aug 9 at 8:35
  • Ok, you are passing this to another component. In that case i would suggest use as-element on top of this function. Say you define (defn my-fun [] ...) and then use (re-frame/as-element [my-fun]) in place of the above code. – user5850581 Aug 9 at 8:43

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