How can we bit select the variables in perl code?

I am new to perl and I have a scenario where I need to extract a particular format from a file and give input to a another module for analysis.

Currently I have extracted the required pattern which is in 16-bit Hexadecimal. Now from this 16bits hexadecimal format ,I want only LSB 10bits. Kindly refer the below example(This is a sample code where I have used only 1 line of my requirement)

use strict;
my $string = "HDR 0c0d PlD 1000 GAP 412";
$string =~ s/.*HDR\s(\S+).*/$1/g;
print "$string\n";
my $hex = hex($string);
print "$hex"; 

The output in $hex is 3095 which is 16bit 16’b0011000010000101 now I need to extract only the LSB 10bits(0010000101), Please let me know some easy way to do this .


Use bit mask to select bits which you need. To select right 10 bit you can use:

my $x = 0xfff0;
print $x & 0x3ff;

output is


which is decimal number of ten bits of number 0xfff0

  • Thank you @oklas , your logic helps ! – Sreejin TJ Aug 9 at 11:46
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