I'm writing some data acquisition software and need a gui plotting library that is fast enough to do realtime updated graphs. I've been using Nplot which is pretty good for a free library, but I'm wondering if there are any better libraries (preferably free or cheap).

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There's a good post about this here and here. I have also used NPlot in our last project since it's easier to use.


If you need something to display in a WinForms app then you can try out the free ZedGraph. If it is ASP.NET then I recently have used Google Charts with some great results.


Well, not free. But we have had very good results with Nevron. Their support is excellent as well.

Another good option is TeeCharts.


ZedGraph is not WinForms only, there's a web control too. It's very good.


Definetly go for Zedgraph, we have been using this for years and it is very good in 'real-time' graphing. Zedgraph is very well documented and there are many examples available.


If speed is your main concern, nothing better than TeeChart. The fastLine series it provides plots 10 million points in a second. And recently they have introduced it for realtime as well. I was blown away by the speed of plotting.


You might want to take a look at Open Flash Chart. It's an open source graphing tool built in flash and can be dynamically updated.

Check out the Ajax example for an idea of what it can do.

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