What is the lodash equivalent of the groupBy function in underscore?

 var stooges = [{name: 'moe', age: 40},
                {name: 'larry', age: 50}, {name: 'curly', age: 60}];
 underscore.groupBy(stooges, 'age');


=> {
  "40": {name: 'moe', age: 40},
  "50": {name: 'larry', age: 50},
  "60": {name: 'curly', age: 60}

The migration docs doesn't mention any equivalent of groupBy

I tried doing lodash.keyBy() but it gives the corresponding value of each key is the last element responsible for generating the key. Any clue?

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    Lodash has a groupBy method as well. – Ori Drori Aug 9 at 14:04
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    I cant believe I missed that. Thanks anyhow – anubysh Aug 10 at 4:31

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