I am using the following R script (in Tableau) to do monthly forecast, using package "forecast". It works without errors but I would like to exclude current month from the calculations.

time <- ts(.arg1,start=c(2013,1), frequency=12);
fcast <- forecast(time, h=.arg2[1]);
append(.arg1[(.arg2[1]+1):n],ifelse(fcast$mean < 0, 0, fcast$mean), after = 
n-.arg2[1])",[SUM_RESOLVED],[Months Ahead])

How do I solve the problem?

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Assuming the current month is the last value passed in .arg1, you can add the following line before you call forecast():

time <- head(time, -1)
  • Thanks Rob! Just a quick question: I assume "-1" means minus one month as the frequency is set to 12 (i.e. monthly). Am I right? – User 123 Aug 12 at 15:53
  • You could always read the help file where it explains "If negative, all but the n last/first number of elements of x." So head(time,-1) means all the but the last element of time. – Rob Hyndman Aug 12 at 21:39

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