The answer I found after a week

I am trying to copy a storyboard's cell to another cell and it succeeds. Then I thought if it would work if I copied the viewcontroller directly to another storyboard, the answer is yes. I am very sorry that I can't upload the image details.

This is the step:

  • 1、Select View Controller Scene in the storyboard and copy it.

  • 2、To another storyboard you need to move to, paste

  • 3、Delete the View Controller Scene in the storyboard in the first step.

If you have other answers, please give me the answer, thank you very much.

The following is my original question

Before the storyboard didn't divide the business, many different business pages were in a storyboard, and now I want to group them out. Grouped into multiple storyboards by business, just like folder grouping.


A.storyboard contains a.viewcontroller, b.viewcontroller, c.viewcontroller, d.viewcontroller

Because of business needs, you need to group a.viewcontroller, b.viewcontroller to B.storyboard.

Some methods

I noticed a feature of Xcode, Editor -> Refactor to Storyboard, which narrows the selected viewcontroller to a reference tag and points to another Storyboard. But this can only be done by grouping a viewcontroller into a Storyboard. It is not possible to group multiple viewcontrollers into a Storyboard.

So can I group multiple viewcontrollers in the current Storyboard to another Storyboard? Do you need to start with Source Code? If you know the method, please let me know, thank you very much.


Yes you can.

This is a good way to write codes.

group multiple viewcontrollers in the Storyboard

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  • You may understand wrong, I need to refactor the viewcontroller in the storyboard, what I need is to move the existing viewcontroller to other storyboards. – Nullable Aug 15 '19 at 9:12
  • I found a solution, directly select "View Controller Scene" to copy, and then paste it in other storyboard, and finally delete the original. Finally, I have to close this question. – Nullable Aug 15 '19 at 9:17

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