I'm setting up a manual Facebook authenthication route in which the authenthication page is opened in a popup window which redirects to a "logged in page", posts a message to the parent window and then closes the popup.

In desktop it works fine, but in mobile (android) the authenthication link is opened in the Facebook app which then redirects to my website inside the Facebook webview rather than returning to for example Chrome. Even if the page calls window.close() it does not close the FB webview and go back.

This is specially problematic in a Progressive Web App since you never return to it and it's a worse experience to use the website inside the Facebook webview.

I've tried embedding the Facebook page inside an iframe but it's not allowed. And redirecting the user to the facebook page inside the PWA will still open the FB app and then the webview.

I was using a manual flow due to a recomendation from articles about oauths in PWAs https://medium.com/@jonnykalambay/progressive-web-apps-with-oauth-dont-repeat-my-mistake-16a4063ce113 but even if I go back to using FB.login() from the SDK, after the app logs in, it only show a "Problem Loading" page, doesn't return at all to the site or PWA.

Any ideas :(?

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